Promoadline promo waters

PROMO WATERS add a marketing splash to your corporate events, tradeshows, weddings, and everyday business. Pass out Promo Waters to your party guests , event guests, or customers, to create wide spread exposure for your brand.

PROMO WATERS come in 8.oz 12.oz and 16.9.oz durable plastic twist off lid bottles of Purified drinking water.(Mountain Spring Water is also available.)

PROMO WATERS are printed on full adhesive, water resistent coated paper labels. we offer colored caps and sports caps on larger orders (ask your rep.)

PROMO WATERS can be custom printed with your brand colors & logos. We use full digital color image reproduction to create a lasting impression for your brand.

Our crisp, clean bottled water adds refreshment to any event! Great for company and brand recognition at conventions and expos, trade-shows, company picnics, and all outdoor events. Your company logo will travel all around the event and will most likely end up at the home of the user for additional advertising!

  • Our bottles are made from 100% recycled PET plastic, so you know your purchase will have less of an effect on the environment.
  • We print our labels with full 4 color graphics for a stunning presentation. Our large 2" x 7" labels make your brand or company name stand out.
  • We also include a designer bottle for our most popular size of 16.9 ounces. This sleek design sets you apart from club stores and generic water suppliers.
  • We can supply as few as 6 cases, and up to hundreds of pallets!


Bottle Size
Qty 144
Qty 288
Qty 480
Qty 960
Qty 1728
Qty 4800
Qty 7200
Qty 15000
8 OZ. Bottle
12 OZ
16 OZ


  • Set-up Fee: $92.50 (V) Repeat Order Set-up fee: $46.25 (v)
  • Mountain Fresh Spring Water available for $0.90 per case.
  • CRV charged per bottle additional for deliveries inside the state of California $0.05 ea
  • One Time Set-Up charge.
  • $0.05 CRV charge per bottle additional for deliveries inside the state of California